Millwright & Rigging

TCE provides millwright & rigging services for commercial and industrial equipment relocation, disassembly, demolition, and removal. With fork trucks to 60,000 lbs & crane capacity to 550 tons, TCE millwrights provide complete disassembly and reassembly services for large machinery, equipment and mechanical systems. TCE offers prompt response with the ability to mobilize quickly and excels in emergency response scenarios.

TCE millwright and rigging services include those that handle movement of oddly shaped, awkwardly positioned, oversized and heavy equipment of all kinds in and out, and above and below all kinds of spaces, across many industry segments and building type. TCE is more than an industrial moving company—TCE solves problems and provides solutions to all moving and rigging challenges.

  • Millwright & rigging services also include:

  • Pre-job assessment & planning

  • Safety plans

  • Critical lift & lift plans

  • Dismantle, demo, removal and reassembly

  • Hauling services

  • Disposal services

Millwright & Rigging

Millwright & Rigging

Safety is our number one priority in all aspects of TCE operations. This is especially true for millwright & rigging where pre-job hazard analysis (JHA) and integrated work safety plans (IWP) are part of TCE’s approach to every project. All TCE crew are trained and certified in safety regulations and procedures.